Creative Uses for Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is a complex art form that consists of several components. The various types of decorative concrete finishes include stamped concrete finishes, decorative concrete coatings, stamped concrete coatings, decorative concrete colors, stamped concrete “stamped” patterns, decorative concrete borders, stamped concrete overlay textures, stamped concrete walls, and decorative concrete “distressed” finishes. Different concrete services are required for each of these different concrete finishes. All decorative concrete services have the objective of providing clients with concrete surfaces that are structurally sound and attractive and require minimum maintenance.

decorative concrete

Stamped Concrete Services. A decorative concrete finish is achieved by electrochemical means. The electrochemical process used to produce a stamped concrete finish involves applying an electric charge to an abrasive material with a natural attraction to the surface being stained. When the material comes into contact with the concrete surface, the demand deposits an electrostatic charge that leaves a pattern on the surface. The pattern left by the electrostatic charge will vary depending on the materials and techniques used in producing the new concrete work.

Patios. The patio is a popular location for decorative concrete surfaces because patios usually have flat or even level surfaces. This allows for an even application of the coating. The flat surface of the patio is perfect for stamped concrete coatings because it eliminates the use of the edging technique that is commonly used to create patterns on slabs. This eliminates the need for the use of an edge grind when finishing the patios. The use of an edge grind will leave a raised border around the decorative concrete surface of the patio, making the patio more attractive.

Sidings. The use of decorative concrete finishes includes the application of stamped concrete to the exterior of homes and businesses. This can be done on sidewalks, driveways, steps, walkways, and outdoor walls. It can be applied to make a bold artistic statement on any of these surfaces. Stamped concrete is highly desirable for its use as a walking surface. Concrete contractors use stamped concrete to create beautiful patterns on entrance gates and line them with brick to enhance the home’s architectural appeal.

Slate. The use of colored stone in the decorative concrete field is increasing. Colored stones are being scored to produce patterns and designs on slabs. Once the slabs have been stained, the colored stone is mixed with water to create a smooth, glossy surface. The color and texture of the stone will depend upon the type of stone used in the pattern. The most common colored stones for decorative concrete are concrete stained with cobalt, opal, slate, and natural stone.

Overlapping. The overlapping of stamped and stained concrete is also popular as an attractive new concrete design. When two different colored slabs of the same size and pattern are overlapped, they will create a soft, vibrant contrast that will enhance the design of the concrete. When the overlaps are created with a larger-sized slab, it will create a larger imprint than if the two slabs were overlapped. When the overlaps are created by using smaller-sized concrete, they will maintain their smaller size and detail.

Decorative concrete patios. A new way to improve the exterior of your swimming pool deck or patio is with decorative concrete patios. There are many different decorative concrete patio designs to choose from. Some of these designs include raised medallions, detailed columns, arch-shaped roofs, arched rooftops, and stamped patterns. These decorative patios are made from concrete and are finished off with a variety of different paint finishes. These finishes include slip-on, stain, oil, and acrylic paints.

Many DIY enthusiasts enjoy the artistic ability that concrete offers. When this type of art is used in concrete work slab designs, you can create a striking focal point or embellishments for your outdoor areas. Some of the many artists that create these sculptures include talented painters and decorators who create whimsical and abstract designs. If you need some new artwork for your home, consider contacting one of the talented Concrete Jacksonville FL artists. They are a great source for custom-designed concrete pieces and can give you a wide selection of interesting and unique pieces that will enhance your outdoor living space.